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Generally, a long-distance move spans over 100 miles, and it might cross state lines. In Cordova, Germantown, and any areas in or surrounding Memphis, you can move to Arkansas, Mississippi, and even Missouri in fewer than 100 miles, so that second rule does not always apply. One thing that also characterizes long-distance moves is the planning you must do. From scheduling to determining the logistics of how to get your belongings to your new space, you could find yourself under a lot of stress. 

Fortunately, with our team at Garrett’s Hauling, relocating over long distances can be easier and less of a hassle. In just a few short years in business, we have already helped thousands of people successfully move. Safety and security are our priorities. This ensures that your belongings make the journey without any issues. To discuss your move and what can do for you, contact us today. 

To speak to one of our Cordova long distance movers, call us at (901) 665-2518 or submit our online contact form. You can also check out our reviews to hear from some of our clients!

Ways to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move 

If you are making a big move, you should be able to feel excited about this new chapter in your life. With the right preparation, you can have fewer worries and focus on the excitement of settling into your new space. 

Below are three ways to prepare for your long-distance move: 

  1. Get Organized: Create an inventory of your belongings. Consider what items you will need during the move or immediately after it. Determine whether you can gift, donate, or sell things you do not need. Lightening your load and ensuring you only have what you need can make the process much simpler.
  2. Iron Out the Details: Set your move-in date and begin working with our team to secure a delivery window that works with it. Find out if you will need any temporary permits or permissions to have a moving truck on your new location’s street or in its parking lot. Budget for travel costs, lodging, food, and any other pertinent expenses.
  3. Turn to Garrett’s Hauling: There are numerous other moving companies out there to choose from, but no other long-distance movers in Cordova are quite like us. We go above and beyond to make the moving process hassle-free and give you peace of mind. Speak with us during your planning process so we can help you make all necessary considerations and provide you with a free estimate.

How Do Long Distance Loving Services Differ From Local Moves?

Long-distance moving services involve transporting belongings across significant distances, often between different cities or even states. Unlike local moves, which usually cover shorter distances within the same area, long-distance moves require more planning, coordination, and adherence to interstate regulations. Long-distance movers typically have larger trucks equipped for extended travel and may offer additional services like storage options to accommodate the longer journey.

How Can You Make Long Distance Moves a Smooth Transition?

To ensure a smooth long-distance move, start by planning well in advance. Create a detailed inventory of your belongings and communicate openly with the moving company about your expectations. Pack essentials separately for immediate use upon arrival, and label boxes clearly. Stay organized with a moving timeline, and consider purchasing insurance for added protection.

Additionally, confirm the moving company's contact information and have contingency plans for unexpected delays. Lastly, stay flexible and patient, recognizing that long-distance moves involve more variables, but careful preparation can significantly contribute to a successful and efficient relocation.

Your Go-To for Long-Distance Moving

We are all about speed, efficiency, and safety. When you hire us, you can bet we will work quickly, pack and handle your belongings carefully, and complete your move within the timeframe we agreed upon. We have earned the trust of countless customers in the past, and we look forward to the opportunity to earn yours. 

Call (901) 665-2518 or reach out online to get a free estimate for our Cordova long-distance moving services. 

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    “They were incredibly quick, friendly and professional.”
    “I highly recommend Garret’s Hauling for any moving or junk removal needs! Garrett and his crew moved all of my elderly mother’s things out of her apartment into my house and 2 other places. Five star service at the right price!!”
    - Valerie M.
    “The customer service is impeccable.”
    “The customer service is impeccable. Garrett and his team are very professional and care about the customers' needs. They went above and beyond to ensure my moving needs were completely taken care.”
    - Paula S.
    “Excellent communication!”
    “This was my first time using Garrett's Hauling and I was very impressed with the quick response and extremely organized way that they work. They picked up and delivered my furniture exactly when they said they would. Excellent communication!”
    - Robert L.
    “Garrett’s Hauling is a fantastic moving company!”
    “Garrett’s Hauling is a fantastic moving company! The workers are very professional. The owner was available for all of my questions and did a great job organizing the move, and had great communication skills, too.”
    - Adia C.
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